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Fast Lane
Rationale Lyrics

Everybody speeds in the fast lane truly now
Revving through the cares tryna keep ourselves from stressing out, out
Take a look at your heart and your soul
This is it, is it all that you are
We're so caught up in the rhythm and we suffer for so little, oh Lord

Holding on the tears on the last train home bound
It's been twenty- seven years and you've only now just figured out, out
You can it more than your soul
You can give it everything even the house that you own
But when you're caught up in the riddle
Man you're fighting with the nickel, no no

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Comments from YouTube:

Dai Tensai

It's almost 6 years since this song was released, and it's still as good. 21 years from now, this will count as a classic 😁


2022 checking in. 2 years of covid, lockdowns, and depression. Just getting off that last train homeward bound myself. This still hits today. Amazing track, man. Get help y'all before the bottom hits you like that cop throwing dude on the ground getting arrested :)

Dave Media

I love how even though the man is guilty for something, the music and camerawork can influence us to feel sympathy for the man. This is an excellent piece of media. Keep up the good work!


I love this song. I want to go out and explore the world.


Love everything about this! Can't wait for more

james meyers

i wish there were some sort of extended version of this that tells us why this man is in so much pain. without ever hearing him speak a word i feel so much empathy for whatever is bothering him. what is his story ?!?!. such a great video and song


this deserves so many more views - not just a beautiful track but a clever and intriguing video.  they deserve some recognition for being easily the best thing on youtube

Marlies Krale

I absolutely love this song! Such an amazing and unique voice too. Can't wait to hear more :)

lion sun

Love it

Clifton Grace

Wow, "This is really it, is it all that you are...Holding back the tears on the last train homebound...You can give em’ your heart and your soul
give every ounce that you are." Strong!!!

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