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Really Slow Motion Lyrics


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Ameer Hamza

0:00 There is smoke and dust everywhere, making it difficult to see outcome of the battle.

0:34 The silhouettes of the fighters can finally be seen. Our hero, the underdog, is kneeling and breathing; struggling hard to stand up. While the villain is standing tall and looking down at the underdog. The result is clear to the onlookers.

1:07 The conversation goes:
(Villain): The results were clear from the start. You just can't beat me. It was foolish of you to give into your anger and fight the battle you can't win.
(Hero): *breathing*
(Villain): Got nothing to say? I am feeling generous today and you have given me the best battle of my life. You deserve to say your last words.
(Hero): *cackles at the words and shakes his head* You need to work on that speech. I've given you enough time now to practice your speech skills.... in hell.

1:39 Villain, furious at the words of the hero, raises his sword to deliver the final blow. But couldn't move an inch after raising the sword, realizing the reality. Soon, the echoes of his screams could be heard by every ear present there as the villain screamed in pain and agony and every eye witnessed the fountains of blood flowing out through his body. The body was cut in pieces and every piece started falling slowly. The hero showered in the blood of his enemy and looked at the lackeys of the villain. The lackeys, in fear, started dropping their weapons and bowed to their new leader, as he stood tall high and mighty over the evil.

Jelly cat

0:01: Allied shinobi foxes walks in to fight madara

0:33: Madara appears

0:50: Madara beats the hell out of allied shinobi forces

1:00: All hopes are lost

1:23 to 1:35: Naruto enters with kcm

1:40: Sasuke joins the fight

1:56: sasuke gets renneigan and naruto gets power of Sage of 6 paths and truth seeker orbs

2:12: Madara seems to be losing but still manages to beat up naruto and sasuke

2:30: * biggest betrayal happens *Black zetsu betrays madara and awakens kaguya.

Meanwhile sakura in the back standing and looking like a trash

Arolema Prarath

Hey PEOPLE!! LISTEN! For movie/anime scene idea:

Villain: You are under my realm. My power surrounds this place and no weak beings can enter my realm. You are no match for me. Even the gods fear me. You are all alone. I will give you a glorious death, any last words?

Hero: Except my friends aren't weak and I am not alone. Guess who's wrong here? * Double clapped. *

0:00 * SLOW MOTION: His friends walked behind him from the portal holding the most powerful wand in the universe. *
To activate his most powerful magic, he must get the most powerful wand.
0:34 Hero: * *Held on the wand and levitated off the ground. Glowing and showed an intemidating image.
0:58 * Villain attacked the hero *
1:05 * The hero was unaffected. The villaine was shocked. *
1:16 * Villain transformed and surpasses its limits. *
1:28 * Villain's appearance was frightening, 10x bigger and being surrounded by powerful mana and energy. *
* Hero and friends backed off a little. *
1:40 * Villain attacked one of the hero's friend and got injured. Hero retaliated and the rest helped the injured friend. *
* Fighting proceeds. *
* Both the hero and villain became immensely powerful *
2:27 * Hero was hit and buried under the rock piles. Hero was badly injured. *
2:51 * Both the hero and the villain prepared their final blow. A powerful energy was centred in both opponents. Beaming bright balls formed around them is ready to blow. *
2:59 * Both the hero and the villain struck each other and the whole scene was white followed by indistinct screams and loud cries. *

* End scene *

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Noob King

This makes me walk normally after turning off the lights

Some Guy

You never did?


Wooo that's how powerful this music is

Sheheena Tv

Tnx for the idea

Sh. Fred

You gotta give the Bane speech when you turn off the lights.


@: the_Bloody_pilot: "Noo"

8 More Replies...


This is the song that makes me feel like I don't have to run upstairs after turning off the light. Because whatever is down here hiding, is not hiding from view to scare me, but because they are scared of me.

Dark Knight 22

Bravo Sir 👏 👏 👏 😉


One of the best comment ever! Loool


Lol you run

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