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Redneck Piece of White Trash
Rebel Son Lyrics

I like shooting pool and I like throwing darts
I like going to the junkyard and looking for parts
I like shooting my guns in the dark
I like to hang out in the trailer park

They got used tires for sale in good shape
I got every Dukes of Hazzard that they sold on tape
Who are you to tell me I ain't got no class
I'm proud to be a redneck piece of white trash

I like to dip and I like to spit
I like talking on the phone while I; m taking a shit
I'm proud to be a redneck piece of white trash
If you don't like that pucker up mother fucker, you can kiss my ass

(Instrumental break)

Well I like my out of date hairdo
I like picking my nose and getting tattoos
I like drinking beer and working on my car
I like to drink beer and piss in my yard

I like to burp and I like to fart
I like picking up girls when I go to WalMart
I like adjusting my nuts and scratching my ass
I'm proud to be a redneck piece of white trash


Instrumental break

Last night I went ot bed with a buzz
I dreamed I was drinking, I woke up and I was
I; ll be a drunk redneck til the day I'm dead
I drink beer with my breakfast and before I go to bed

I like to fish and hunt when I'm drunk
I like to f*ck in the back of my truck
You can call me rude and crude and crass
But I'm proud to be a redneck piece of white trash


Pucker up mother fucker x3
You can kiss my ass

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Comments from YouTube:

Jasus H. Crist

I'm from Alabama and I've been living in Oregon for 25 years when I found this shit I just made everybody absorb it I love this fucking shit you guys keep it up man

Indiana Jones

Southern Oregon all the way brother

Clancy Woodard

Hell yeah from the great state of Texas

Legsdontwork Ever

Believe it or not but we love it here in California also, at least I do 😂

Brenda Oneill

Yeeeehawww haw haw bow wow good stuff


I live in NW Oregon!! A lot of people love this up here lol it’s a weird mix of spineless people and roughnecks in Oregon

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Matt C.

“I like talkin on the phone while I’m takin a shit” hahaha love it!!!

Feet Guy


David McHugh

Please play this at my funeral..

Shlomo McNakimoto

If they don't play this at my funeral I am not going.

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