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The Trouble With Me Is You
Red McKenzie Lyrics

I haven't got a headache darling
And my vision is ok too
Just look in my eyes and you can see
the trouble with me is you

I haven't got a toothache darling
They are all as good as new
There's only one thing that's wrong with me, oh the trouble with me is you

Now it doesn't take a physician, to analyze my condition
No hot water bottles or powder or pills,
Can ever revive me like your kisses will

I haven't got a heart that's strong dear,
It seems to skip a beat or two
It's all out of cheer, it's natural dear
Cause the trouble with me is you

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Comments from YouTube:

Fornicator Slayin

he looks like Sinclair

Jay Jay Lozano

Guitar Trill at 1:44/2:33 !!
in two and a half beats
an eighth note Tied to half note after dotted crotchet/quarter rest

Used as part of Improvisation (possibly): Resolution
Instrumental Section

Awesome track. Cleverly written lyrics. Section B or Chorus Section contains interesting Chord changes/patterns. Reminds me of "It Was Only a Paper Moon" and "Lulu's Back in Town".

("If Love is Trouble" took me here)
Where is it?


so much great music from this time gone by


Prohibition - Smokey Joe & The Kid ^^


Top notch! great post!

Disneyland Resort MC

I’m guessing this is late 20s like 1929 or early to mid 30s


BioShock 2

Oscar Luna

Chasing shadows...😁

moscow vicent

Same just now

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