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Manhattan Spiritual
Reg Owen Orchestra Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Roger Sweren

I was 10 years old when this came out and I walked 2 miles to the drug store to buy the 45. I think I paid 99 cents for the record. I hadn't heard it in over 50 years until about a month ago on the 50's station on Sirius/XM. I went directly to iTunes and downloaded the song and I can't play it enough.

Kevin Johnson

@Stuart blackwood I agree with you 1,000% because this is when music was music. Today's music is CRAP & isn't worth a dime.

Max Royle

@Seventies Memories That was the standard price then in record shops-you might get some marked down at a Thrifty store. I'm the same age as Roger-you most likely were not born yet, if you were buying the garbage that came out in the '70's.


@Seventies Memories cleaning lady in the empire diner: these lips ain't gonna kiss themselves you know 😂🤣

Seventies Memories

99 cents in 1959 is equivalent to $8.68 today! I remember paying 79 cents in the mid 70's for 45s that had been out a while, and 99 cents for new ones.

Stuart blackwood

it's so good !

James Harris

Heard this song on the game Mafia II and have loved it ever since, I really like how more and more game developers are including some classic songs like this in the games that come out today, brings our younger generation closer to the older ones!

Jeff Colby

One of my all time favorites from my childhood! Woke up to it every day at 6am to go to kindergarten in the '50s. Been trying to find this for years, and now her it is. God Bless YouTube!

Chully B

Me and my sis listen to this when we are sad, it is so ridiculously jolly you can't help but smile. A wonderful piece of music that we dug out of our parents' 45 collection when we were small, so perhaps it is the happy memories that make us grin.

Chully B

Yes, Cambridgeshire, England. You have to be from the US?

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