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A New Order
Regarde Les Hommes Tomber Lyrics

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Maroon Forced into my own observations Alone, bruised, with though…

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Wanderer of Eternity I swear I've never ever Soiled the name of God And tasted si…

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Michele M

From the depths of this den
The incandescent arrow
To the heights of the gallows
The destruction of the Ten

Through the scarlet gardens
To the vermilion palace
Chaos marches with terror
Eternal loss for a banner

An infernal banquet
Prophetic feast of desolation
Around the fountain
Where the dancing shadows take shape

The flickering flame of the great fire
Lit on the lake
Worship the name of the sovereign
Who makes the earth quake

( The tremendous speech of the fallen star
To the wretched ones
Set nights on fire, swallow the sun )
And forbid the dawn

A celebration
Religiously, disorderly
Hell in Heaven
Insanity, unholy

The conquering star has reached
The forbidden court he once called home
Crushing the skulls, beneath his feet
Landing a wave made of dark foam

The renegade order shall rise
And spread pestilence

The soil, thirsty for lifeblood
Would grow and feed a fiery wood
All hail and pledge allegiance
To the standard, soaked in red

The chained foolish angel
Betrayer of his own blood
The desperate jester
The crawling lurker

All comments from YouTube:

Yro Enn

"Ascension" pour un groupe qui s'appelle "Regarde Les Hommes Tomber", n'est-ce pas un peu paradoxal? 😀

L. Chavaillaz

Meilleure vue depuis le haut. ça met de la perspective hahaha

La Chaîne Back UP

c'est une suite logique non ? ^^ "Poussé à l'exile après leurs chute. Les Homme créèrent un nouvel ordre, une nouvel ère, une ascension."


Faut monter pour tomber de haut !

Antoine Pellerin

hahaha !

Adham El-Khatib

Would really love to have a beer with the guy responsible for signing bands to Season of Mist

Mark Ivory

Yeah I would too. The only label I'll use to find new music at times

Escaping Aghartha band official

@Michael Berberian You could probably make a Youtube series out of metal bands buying you a beer, and in the time you drink it, they pitch their band to you.

Win-win situation for everybody, lol


Michael Berberian Uniquement sur le vieux port !

Michael Berberian

I'm always up for a beer!

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