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Romantic Vagrant
Revo Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Revo:

La ragazza col fucile Sta contorcendosi in buio infinito... Sta contorcendosi in l…
Theme of the Linked Horizon Theme Of The Linked Horizon - Revo 世界は広いのかい? それとも… 狭いのかい? 世界…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


“I’m gonna use Ringabel’s special attack”

Why? The boss is immune to every attack he can dish out? That’s a horrible move!

“…… me, it’s worth it.”

team wipe

“ I regret nothing”

All comments from YouTube:


Ah yes, the main character of the game

Samin Hossain

ringabel not included in this party chat? X!!!!!!!!

RE_ CAN9000

@It's omegali give it time.

It's omegali

@RE_ CAN9000 this didnt age well

Boötes void

Yep! They pulled another Balthier on us!

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this track single handedly improved the reputation of accordions by several degrees


I personally dislike accordions…But Ringabel is the exception.

(I primarily dislike them as a solo instrument but that doesn’t mean much to my point here as this theme is great.)


Accordion is just one of the best instruments ever for sure !


@Nanano true, the US is kinda silly about that


Accordion's reputation has always been good in europe c:<

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