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Spectre Induction
Richard Jacques Jack Wall & Sam Hulick Lyrics

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Carlo Martini

Play Mass Effect. The entire trilogy. Believe me, you won't regret it.


@essidro vital I did literally this. Started with ME2 and went to ME3, always thought I was missing something. Played ME1 for the first time back in October. Finishing up ME2 again right now and I feel complete.
Sorry for necroing, had to tell someone.


@Carlo Martini  I get what you're saying but to me a game can be absolutely amazing but if the ending is awful (especially for a single player story driven game) then the entire experience is ruined. An ending is something to work towards and sadly I feel everything you do to get to that point availed nothing because of the star child who I felt was very forced and literally came out of no where. Originally bioware had a different ending but they changed it because it got leaked and the ending we got just... Well it disappointed millions sadly, forever scarring what could had been a perfect trilogy.

Carlo Martini

@ShadowCK I don't mind the ending post Extended Cut DLC. But that's besides the point, for me the ending doesn't ruin a 50+ hour game. Even if the ending was the worst thing I've ever seen, the rest of the game was too good for that to ruin the experience for me. It was the culmination of so many character arcs, dialogue was tighter than it ever was in any of the other games, character interacted more than they ever have, that bleak sense of galaxy-wide apocalypse dripping in every moment... And throughout it all so many moments of beauty, happiness, and companionship. It gets those things even more right than the previous two games.

Plus, Citadel DLC is my favourite DLC of all time, and Leviathan rounds out the story very nicely. If you haven't played all the DLC, highly recommend before you make your final opinion.


@Carlo Martini you just be joking man, did you enjoy the ending???

Carlo Martini

@ShadowCK Nah :P

In my opinion ME3 is the best of the bunch actually.

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glorilol 95

"commander shepard...step forward"

Tyler Sheehan-Ford

Chills bro

Commander Shepard

About damn time

Wind Wind

@Djongo Phett 'Specters bare a great burden. They're protectors of galactic peace, both our first and last line of defense. The safety of our galaxy is theirs to uphold.'

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