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Also Sprach Zarathustra
Richard Strauss Lyrics

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Johann Sebastian Bach

ll these heaviest things the load-bearing spirit taketh upon itself: and like the camel, which, when laden, hasteneth into the wilderness, so hasteneth the spirit into its wilderness.
But in the loneliest wilderness happeneth the second metamorphosis: here the spirit becometh a lion; freedom will it capture, and lordship in its own wilderness.
Its last Lord it here seeketh: hostile will it be to him, and to its last God; for victory will it struggle with the great dragon.
What is the great dragon which the spirit is no longer inclined to call Lord and God? “Thou-shalt,” is the great dragon called. But the spirit of the lion saith, “I will.”
“Thou-shalt,” lieth in its path, sparkling with gold — a scale-covered beast; and on every scale glittereth golden, “Thou shalt!”
The values of a thousand years glitter on those scales, and thus speaketh the mightiest of all dragons: “All the values of things — glitter on me.
All values have already been created, and all created values — do I represent. Verily, there shall be no ‘I will’ any more. Thus speaketh the dragon.
My brethren, wherefore is there need of the lion in the spirit? Why sufficeth not the beast of burden, which renounceth and is reverent?
To create new values — that, even the lion cannot yet accomplish: but to create itself freedom for new creating — that can the might of the lion do.
To create itself freedom, and give a holy Nay even unto duty: for that, my brethren, there is need of the lion.
To assume the right to new values — that is the most formidable assumption for a load-bearing and reverent spirit. Verily, unto such a spirit it is preying, and the work of a beast of prey.
As its holiest, it once loved “Thou-shalt”: now is it forced to find illusion and arbitrariness even in the holiest things, that it may capture freedom from its love: the lion is needed for this capture.
But tell me, my brethren, what the child can do, which even the lion could not do? Why hath the preying lion still to become a child?
Innocence is the child, and forgetfulness, a new beginning, a game, a self– rolling wheel, a first movement, a holy Yea.
Aye, for the game of creating, my brethren, there is needed a holy Yea unto life: ITS OWN will, willeth now the spirit; HIS OWN world winneth the world’s outcast.
Three metamorphoses of the spirit have I designated to you: how the spirit became a camel, the camel a lion, and the lion at last a child. —
Thus spake Zarathustra. And at that time he abode in the town which is called The Pied Cow.



What's that?

A metamorphic stone rising from the blackness of negative Earth?

A towering behemoth of monstrosity brought down by extraterrestrial powers?

Or a giant monolith of death, Hell-bent on the annihilation of humankind, time and all mater?

No, it's the AC adapter for a ColecoVision...


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Richard Georg Strauss

i am so proud at myself for creating such amazing musik

Antonio Parra

@Caleb Burge Strauss born in Austria, they speake German there, and music in German it's Musik

Moon 369

@Nitfluad Bro, calm down

Moon 369

@Caleb Burge Strauss is German, and it is a joke -_- dont take it so seriously.
It is obviously someone playing as him.

Jorge Luco

Georg = Jorge... nice to play your Music with my cello . You're a Genius 👍

Willy le wookie

@Nitfluad you are sssssssstupid!!

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Steven Naylor

If anybody needs reason to go beyond the famous introduction, I have six solid reasons:
1) 4:07 We're in the midst of this beautiful string section that already sounds like honey, and then we get this sweeping glissando from an E7 chord to an Ab chord. Beautiful.
2) 7:27 This section just sounds like a storm, and the melody adds to the chaos. Especially right here where the horns buzz around and help the cadence end with more storm.
3) 15:30 POW! We went through a creepy fugue, and then through another storm. Here, at the height of the storm, this C5 chord drops like a thunderbolt from Zeus.
4) 21:16 Strauss has got us in a dance mood, but here, the tempo goes out of control and the dance truly begins to whirl.
5) 26:19 This section is just so happy. It's heroic, but on steroids. Everybody in the orchestra is going insane, the feeling is ecstatic.
6) 29:20 The strings and woodwinds twinkle in the stratosphere here, shining and brilliant.
Just listen to the whole thing.


Read this. Listened. Brought three LPs

Julia Sawińska

This is the best comment I have ever seen

Roger Herrera

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