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Ride of the Valkyries
Richard Wagner Lyrics

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My grandpa wanted us to play this at his funeral and we did absolute legend

DansoloSkywalker Productions

Your grandpa is a Good Soldier

Dave Draper

That is a great idea!

Larz Gustafsson

Wagner is burning in hell.


its such a sad, but funny, and happy comment that made me go: "oh!" "oh...." to "OOOH"


Absolutely based grandpa

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Fighter jets, helicopters, I wonder if he ever dreamed of similar things before composing this piece. It is forever linked with aviation, but all he had were slow dirigibles to inspire him at the time. I wonder how he would react to his song being played inside our aluminum valkyries today.

Dan Sexton

I also watched Apocalypse Now


To me, I imagine a flock of birds, typically either eagles or herons, flying in unison. With the herons, they'll dive into a pond and each come out with a fish, displaying near-impossible accuracy.


or canadian wrestlers]

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