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Ride of the Valkyries
by Richard Wagner

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Scottish MetalHead 2019

A moment of silence for everyone who still can't find this song.

JoJo Joestar

I searched for the movie "Valkyrie"
i ended up here

there are no such thing as accidents


I couldent but i found! Praise me.

Shadow Hunter

Lol I was searching for this music cause it was in a war anime so I searched war music and never found it, turns out the episode title was the name of the song

Rusher Ranker7

When you play war thunder so you see the soundtracks

Rum Boy

The father, the son, the holy spirit, amen.🙏

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When you see the last pack of toilet paper and 5 other people are eyeing it

Pineapple Goes boom



This this right here is ART.


Why are you with 5 guys on a toilet?

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