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Anything For The Devil
Rikets Lyrics

She's on the back of the bus again
I wonder what she did to get here.
Was she lost in the way that she cauterized.
Face it. (Anything for the devil.)
Your Pain. (Anything for the devil x3)

When she told me (told me)
I'd do anything (for the devil)
Just to have you bare my name through this life of sin

Still strung out from the night before
Oh, how I had you (anything for the devil)
In my arms (Anything... for the devil)
Will you wake up a liar And a cutter?!?! (anything for the devil)

: Chorus x2:

Everything you do
Everything they do
Everything we do is
For the Devil! Everything!
You're on your knees again for the parol of your soul!

: Chorus:

Contributed by Tyler I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Dari Torres

Beutiful song rock

Betsey Payeur

amazing love it

Con Brass

that keyboard intro sounds like my mind 🤣👌🏾i love this song fan since they dropped this many years ago🖤🔥

Rikets Official



One of my absolute favorites

Rikets Official

Thank you!

RC Friden

My guys!!! I've been listening your music since 2010 never stop please, I've been waiting you for years!!

Rikets Official


Ivaylo Shomev

I haven't stopped listening to this song for the past 11 years !

Rikets Official

Dedication! \m/

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