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Robert Schumann Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Traumerei' by these artists:

Claude Thornhill For the life of me I never thought that it could…
Claude Thornhill & His Orchestra For the life of me I never thought that it could…
Gene Bertoncini Maybe I should have saved those left over dreams Funny, but…
Lisa 奪って スローモーション倒れ込んだ夜 ギユッとした僕の胸から磨り減ったリズム 残像と彷徨いながら手に入れた眼は 透明な…
Lynn Harrell For the life of me I never thought that it could…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Robert Schumann:

Dreaming For the life of me I never thought that it could…

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Lilo Ukulele

@berlay Grade 3 piano generally corresponds with your fifth year of piano as a kid (oftentimes the start of the third year of piano as an adult, depending on how hard you work).

Preparatory, Grade 1 and grade 2 piano are all about the beginner stages. You learn how to read notes and rhythms with increasing complexity. Once you finish this level, you should be comfortable with most notes on the staff, interval identification should be quick, and you should be reasonably skilled with the most common rhythms.

In grade 1 and 2, you start developing hand independence and style – like the ability to pull off louds and softs in an emotive way, or play staccatos and accents.

So once that’s out of the way, we hit grade 3, which is the first intermediate level. Grade 3 is considered “early intermediate”, and everything between levels 3-6 is considered intermediate. Once you hit Grade 7, that’s when things start getting advanced.

Basically, by Grade 3, you should be comfortable with all the basics. So in Grade 3 piano, instead of drilling rhythms and note reading, we get to start spending more time on theory, history, and interpretation.

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Juliana Evans

“Listening it’s like a walk in the star.” - Kim Taehyung

Karl Aeron B. Balingit


Juliana Evans

@joncaju Kim Taehyung is one of 7 members in the music group bts. He posted a link to this video along with that quote, meaning that when he listens to this piece, he feels as though he is strolling through the stars. I believe he sees this music as that of beauty and wanted to share his feelings about it!


What does this quote mean? I feel old because I have no clue who Kim Taehyung is. I am just here to listen to Horowitz play one of the most beautiful melody ever written.

Pablo olbap

Who's that

johnny ismael duran romero duran

Escucharla es como caminar en una estrella. Traducido.

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Armys, lets be respectful to the artist and not spam the comment section with “i came from weverse”, Because people are actually expressing their opion on this piece and discussing it.

A Bettum

@its me Bri브리안나 I'm here because of a novel written by an norwegian author about a serial killer that would play this piece of music after murdering hi's victims....

Mark Giroux

@J V you realize that by saying this, you cluttered up this video with an extra 37 comments right? Kind of counterproductive...

𝐕𝐀𝐍𝐓𝐄 ✦ ֶָ֪ׄ

@Maria 03 this was over a year ago?? 😭
also no i don't have to accept it because instead of filling the comment section just saying "i came from weverse" at least most should have listened to what tae recommended and left a nice comment instead of you know, leaving a comment that was being said multiple times already like we get it, alot of armys came because of taehyung no need to fill the comment section with it only😃 it's common human decency just saying.

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