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Robert Schumann Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Traumerei' by these artists:

Claude Thornhill For the life of me I never thought that it could…
Claude Thornhill & His Orchestra For the life of me I never thought that it could…
Gene Bertoncini Maybe I should have saved those left over dreams Funny, but…
Lisa 奪って、 スローモーション倒れ込んだ夜 ギュッとした僕の胸から 磨り減ったリズム 残像と彷徨いながら手に入れた眼は 透明…
Lynn Harrell For the life of me I never thought that it could…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Robert Schumann:

Dreaming For the life of me I never thought that it could…

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Emmanuel Gapud

He's at a house now. When he was little, he would run through a house just like this with a flashlight pointed at the ceiling, pretending he was an astronaut soaring over the moon.

A familiar person's here. He's not sure how he found him - maybe he's been followed, but they're talking now, and Bill is given an address, an address his mother never wanted him to have, he says, but it's important that Bill have it now, an address where he can find his father. Bill's real father, a man who was gone before he was born. A man he'd only met once, but was too young to know it.

And he's driving again now, for several hours. He's not sure, and with every mile, he loses a few more memories, and he finds another motel, and that night, he eats a lot of ice cream and doesn't remember his dreams at all.

He's in a nursing home.

Is he old?

Is he old?

A room full of windows.

A room, full of windows.

And he gives a name on a paper that's not in his handwriting to the front counter, and a frail old man is being wheeled to see him now, a man who's been here for over ten years but rarely had a visitor.

Neither of these two people remember why they're there or who exactly this other person is, but they sit and they watch a game show together.

And when it's time for Bill to leave, he stands and says something beautiful to him.

And neither of them understands what he means exactly but the old man begins to cry anyway, and they will never see each other again.

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shivani cavaliere

taehyung brought me here x

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bts v and minjae were friends.

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Richard Feynman

I’m here from the kdrama “Do you like Brahms?”


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