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The Rabid Petting Zoo
Robert Taylor Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Patrick Woods Fingerstyle

This guy is more far out than Ewan Dobson. He is probably the most underated Candyrat player, and the most unique.


really unique style, i havnt heard anything like that before. loved it keep on playin!


Wow that is really impressive. I love how you use the harmonics in the first half of the song, and the transition with capo on is huge, but it doesn't change the feel. Love it.

Vilija Hakala

This guy is amazing....!


I'd say Candyrat has some of the most amazing guitarists I've ever heard. I must say I'm really tired of pop radio musicians that sit there any play mediocre music but mask it with lyrics. I'd love a station that played stuff like this all the time. It'd sure make my drives to work more enjoyable.


Omg this is some wild music, I love it. The last song of the three is crazy fast!


Truly impressive playing, man. Absolute flip side of the coin from my stuff. Keep up the creativity.


My guitar must be faulty as I can’t do that!
In a world full of great players, what an amazing, standout, player!!

Gamaliel Waney

This man is CRAZY!!! in a good way though:) Kudos!!


Brilliant. This is the type of piece the steel string guitar needs more of. I can see people years from now wanting to learn this in the way they want to learn "Recuerdos de l'Alhambra". Keep 'em comong mate.

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