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Roberto Cacciapaglia Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Atlantico' by these artists:

Grupo Jalado Atlánticoo Atlánticoo Atlánticoo Gozaremos para ustedes Con …
Marco Mengoni Si sta bene così Con gli occhiali da sole Con…
tall juan Necesito verte porque te ves muy bien Ya me has dicho…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Roberto Cacciapaglia:

Figlia del cielo Giorni notti Buio luce Notti albe Danza senza fine Aspet…
How long How long, O Lord? Will you forget me? How long will…
Michael Angelus Pacis Angelus pacis Michael in aedes Caelitus nostras veniat seren…
Un'ora Un'ora per nascere un'ora per morire Un'ora per piantare …
Un'ora (From the Qoelet) Un'ora per nascere un'ora per morire Un'ora per piantare un'…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


There are multiple ways someone who doesn't like this type of music could reach this video:
1. Someone sent the link to them,
2. YouTube recommended it to them,
3. They were just exploring music.
It's been 3 years since my previous comment, I can't remember how I first got here, but probably a combination of #2 and #3 (I don't have friends so it couldn't have been #1), I am usually in a continuous search for good music.

Also, your second point is flawed. Just because someone is a professional it doesn't mean they can produce the perfect music for all 7 billion people. Heck, even Psy - Gangnam Style has 2 million dislikes, but you would think that a video with 3.2 billion views on YouTube ought to be made by a professional, right?

These being said, 'time' also has something to say when we decide whether we like a soundtrack or not. Listening to this again, I'll have to edit my previous comment c:

All comments from YouTube:


reminds me my mother...just miss her so damn much ....

Numero Uno

Yeah life man :/


I feel so sorry, hope you will keep the best memory of her...

Jelle Versteeg

As a Hardstyle, Hardcore lover i say, This is so damn beautiful 😍

amine agoumi

same here

Pearl Pictures

Who is still here in 2020? 😊🙏🏼

alex reynolds


Morry Vogt

I am

Andrea Bergantin


Илья Шуневич

Pearl Pictures yeap))

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