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Radiant City
Robin Guthrie Lyrics

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No-Man can you see me? the radiant city CAN the radiant country …

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Comments from YouTube:

Phthalo Blue

I could just space out for hours to this song. Feels like I'm lying on my back staring up at the stars and the camera just keeps floating up into the sky; putting myself in context with the universe. At ease.


This is apparently my top song on Spotify

Daniel Cegalla

For the nights when the sleep is patient and the spirit is curious.

Evert Kramer

Love this piece of music!

nice bro

I would be crying all through out making this song, it's so heavy

Philippe Cirse

Cette oeuvre sonore est plus que le reflet d'une époque. C'est un astéroïde fantôme qui revient jeter son dévolu sur l'art sonore. Une onde décadente chargée de paradoxes d'où s'échappent l'obscurantisme et l'irrationnel, facteurs hypnotiques défiant les âmes vulnérables en quête d'absolu. Ceci est un court tunnel qui mène à la lumière¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Every time I hear this sort of music I just see myself in a tuxedo, cigarette in one hand, drink in the other just looking out towards a high rise city from a penthouse balcony. Just thinking.

Steve Semenuk

Warm and lush, fantastic transport to another place and time

Эмиль Юсупов

музыка вселенной !!!!!

John Meowzer

I've loved Robbo's music for many a moon and this iz a personal favorite...soundz a bit like a less-lonely The Ghost Has No Home.

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