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Rodrigo y Gabriela Lyrics

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Daniel King

Hey.... Sorry to bother you..!

But just thought I should let you know, there must be a mistake on your FB profile.!!

Because it says that you're 'single'...?

And there's no way a lady of your heart fluttering beauty, and seemingly gorgeous personality.

Could possibly be single.?
No way.!

So just thought I'd let you know.... you may need to change that if you weren't aware of it..!



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Mr. Sir

This song was so perfect for a pilot of a show, it just feels like an epic adventure is about to begin.

Shaun Adamson

YES! Couldn't have put it better myself. Every time I re-watch the series, as soon as I hear this song start I think to myself yep and so the story begins'.


@Mr. Sir nah, just in that scene

Mr. Sir

@Louis BRUNATO It plays during the drug bust directly after Walt sees Jesse in the pilot. If you mean it plays somewhere else I’d like to know cause this songs a banger.

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Ismi yuLov

I can't imagine the amount of hours these guys have dedicated to the guitar! AMAZING


You kinda give your life for that! :)


Es una pena que no sean tan reconocidos en México, excelente música.


This is one of the most awesome guitar songs i have ever heard. I was at their concert in germany, when they were the pre-group to someone else. They were much better than the main act. Loved their music ever since.


So amazing how they do the drumming with their guitars, for a little while I was looking for drums in the back <3

Drew the Rump

Fingerpicking has some crazy techniques, especially in Latin music with the fast tempos and intricate melodies.

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