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Too Late For Us Now
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. Lyrics

Did you get the picture I sent you
Did you happen to see the card I wrote for you
I’d like to know that I’ve made a difference
Or it’s too late for us now

Let me take you out to a movie
The one you’ve told me about so many times before
Guess I should’ve payed more attention
Cuz it’s too late for us now

Sometimes little boys get lost
And often stray so far from home
In their search for greener pastures
Come to find that truth is all that really matters

Well you’ve always liked roller coasters
And I’d be happy to let my stomach turn for you
Let’s get lost for just a few hours
Or it’s too late for us now

Too late for us now
Don’t have an explanation
But you know I’m sorry

Too late for us now
Despite all this confusion
would you promise for me
Don’t forget the Skyway please
Just for me

Sometimes little boys get lost
And often stray so far from home
In their quest for buried treasure
Veer off corse and find their search goes on forever

Did you get the picture I sent you
Did you happen to hear the song I wrote for you
Here’s to us on our tenth anniversary
It’s not too late for us now
We’re not too late for us now

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Comments from YouTube:


This guy got a HUGE talent, since Jellyfish years. Unfortunately radios and MTV don't like talented people like him. Roger you got my support 100% you're great.


I have all the Jellyfish stuff (Fan Club, Stack-a-Tracks, the singles, etc.), all of Roger's solo songs, and a few of the projects he's collaborated on (The Moog Cookbook and Imperial Drag)


Seems like Roger really misses Jellyfish. Too bad Andy Sturmer has disappeared from the face of the earth...

Noble Failures

@IceWater Productions Money won't bring Sturmer back. He's moved on and makes a comfortable living. Personally, I would hate to see or listen to anything but top shelf Jellyfish.

IceWater Productions

I think if we start a petition on and/or raise a shit ton of $$$ we can smoke him out of hiding. Humanity needs the follow up to Split Milk. I don’t care if 30 years later. All of this might sound completely insane, but I’m 100% serious. We’re all still alive and people need to have goals. Let’s get this done. The Earth will be a better place if that record and tour would happen.

K Ebonhawk

This whole album, and his second are just so well constructed. He's so thoughtful in the composition and execution.

If i had a "Make a Wish" it'd be a Jellyfish reunion show. RJMJr, Andy Sturmer, Tim Smith, and Eric Dover. Add in Jason Falkner and I would probably die.

Jellyfish, R.I.P.


Roger, Eric and Tim have the new Lickerish Quartet project now.


Jason and Roger play in the Beck band. Andy makes music for child tv shows and Roger's brother who played bass in the biggining works at Sony i think in the sound. Tim played guitar for years with Noel Gallagher. Eric played with Slash and Alice Copper and now with he's solo. I would say we could get Jason, Tim and Roger to play together.


Roger was one of the creative minds of Jellyfish and Beck, personally i would love to work with him


Wonderful: I love RJM Jr's songwriting.

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