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Tango en skai
Roland Dyens Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Roland Dyens:

Over the Rainbow Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high There's a land that…

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Comments from YouTube:

Henry Dale

The most amazing thing about this is that he originally improvised it at a party!

Yuno Raphael

I think improvisation had make this tango much more impressive and "extrovert". Dyens is a incredible musician


I can actually believe that. it's not necessarily an incredibly complex piece from a harmonic standpoint. some of the picados are really just half steps. there aren't any overly fancy chords and for a genius like him it wasn't impossible. when it came to writing down the rhythmic though..... yeah must have been a bit of a headache. it's a rather simple song, by all means, it is just very tasteful, passionate, and catchy of course. If he had a good base of tango composition I could imagine him improvising it on the spot.

Luis Donado

If you have improvised before, then you can imagine how this is like. I'm sure he reworked but he knew when he was improvising he was on to something. I wrote a piece in which I have improvised, but in my opinion is nowhere near this beautiful piece by Roland Dyens.

Lucas Acerez

Henry Dale Why are you surprised? coming from him I would not think of this impossible.

Henry Dale

Absolutely, on the back of my copy there's a short introduction to the work by him. Perhaps he had certain things already in place idk

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Christopher Rude

Genius!  What imagination he has.  What brilliant technique it takes to toy with a guitar this way!  And the composition?  There is more music packed into this little tango than one will experience in most concerts.  Bravo.

Jason Lewis

RIP roland. so sad to see you go

Renaissance Strings

Rest in peace maestro. Thank you for giving us so much <3

Mark Harris

He played like honey dripping into my hot coffee and sprinkles falling on my strawberry ice cream...

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