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Rolo Tomassi Lyrics

In practice past, I'm closing off
Untethered by visions

All lines of sight
Obstructed by light

For what lies beneath
And remains on the surface

Don't blame all that is lost
We revive ourselves

I'll break it off
Severing all ties
I won't look back
Fragments must realign
Dimming the sparks
That burned so bright

We'll never know how this could be
To build it up and break it off
There's more to keep and less to leave behind
There's more to lose and more to try and find

Don't blame all that is lost
We revive ourselves

Unafraid of the aftermath
The bones of what's below will never grow

Written by: Chris Cayford, Nathan Fairweather, Tom Pitts, James Spence, Eva Spence

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Comments from YouTube:


Glad I finally took Spectrum Pulse's suggestion to check this band out, that's all I'm gonna say. Wow.

Kamran M

oh hi, just saw you on trash boat :)


The ending of this song is the "fullest" sound I have ever heard in my 40 years of being on planet earth.. absolute art


Indeed, incredible... ✨
Imho, it's also awesome how this album sounds on vinyl or if listened in the exact track order.

Grrhmaa Dulyaa

I hear ya. Enormous sounds.

Bret Silverberg

I am full-on obsessed with this song and I refuse to stop listening to it


The last 1:05 of this song sends shivers down my spine! Eva's singing is absolutely immense and the music is beautiful.


Have to say, I wasn’t expecting that chorus. Rolo Tomassi are always at their best when they’re doing the unexpected. I was worried this album was going to be a bit oversimplified but I should know better to have been concerned. RT have never made an album that isn’t 10/10, why would they start now?

Dom Navarro

This is my favorite album ever. I seriously mean that. Considering that my top 4 albums of all time are Mars to Sirius, Sunbather, Nier Gestalt, and .neon, this album perfectly fits in at number 1. Thank you so much for creating this.

Nick Fizer

You sir have excellent taste 👊

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