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Bye Bye Macadam
Rone Lyrics

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Just a list of what everyone commented, may helps some :)
(The full animation of this video is Ring of fire, you can watch it on Filmbilder) Enjoy!

-Vril Thronwagen
-ME! ME! ME!
-Shelter // Porter Robinson
-C2 // Delta
-Stuck in the Sound // Let's go & Brother
-Odezenne // Alice in wonderland & Bouche à Lèvres
-Interstella 5555
-Lorn //Anvil & SEGA SUNSET & Gosst(s) & Diamond
-Sebastien Tellier // Look
-Dance Gavin Dance // Young Robot & Betrayed by the Game
-Delta Heavy // White Flag
-Isle unto thyself
-Gojira // Born in Winter
-Lelek // Perun & others Lukasz Rusinek
-Mat zo
-Tribe society // Kings
-Pearl Jam // Do the evolution
-Love & Theft on Filmbilder
-Doxx // Blues
AND mine : Buttercup // JackStauber and all JackStauber officials videos

Tell me if I did an oopsie :D

All comments from YouTube:

Jordan Fayd'herbe

I always suspected quantum physics was actually just a bunch of tiny witches.

Antony Smith

@Bo 28111 "Quantum Witches" sounds like a pretty badass band name.



Luciferi Excelsi

@Darren Orsem You're an idiot

Darren Orsem

@Mad Fishmonger That's really stupid because there isn't even quantum physics being represented in the video. Also if this is true can you explain to me how the witches are doing this and what evidence there is to prove they are doing this. (Don't hit me with that "You wont understand" bullshit, because that's you trying to dodge science for your own little fantasy)

Chris Kelly

Pretty witches.
Reminds me so hard of my ex who introduced me to this song years ago that it hurts to listen to.

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Vicky D

Thanks for the recommendation 6 Years later, YouTube :D

Mahmoud Ghandour



8 years dude🐒😐

Nij Bot

Better late than never

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