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Ross Daly Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Erotokritos' by these artists:

Nikos Xilouris Ήκουσες Αρετούσα μου τα θλιβερά μαντάτα, π' ο κύρης σου μ'…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


I have to agree with the Greeks here as one of my way too time consuming is archaeology and history for the last 10 years on a daily basis. The Turks origins from the Nomadic Turkic tribes migrations originate from Mongolia from the poorest farmlands in the world. Because of Mongolia's deserts and extremely arid environment, Turks had only cattle/animals to move around in search for food in order to survive.
- Hence Nomadic Turkic peoples 800 years ago had an extremely primitive cuisine 96% based on animals, while the oldest cookbook in the world is written by the Greek archestratus in 350 BCE, and almost all dishes of Modern Greek and Turkish cuisines already existed in Greek byzantine or Classical period long long before the Turks ever came to the Mediterranean, meaning that Greek cuisine is a continuation from bronze age till this day and "Turkic" cuisine was profoundly influenced by Greek cuisine when they conquered Greek lands of Anatolia. It's simple as that.

In addition here some simple examples to accomodate these extremely rocksolid facts.
Yoghurt existed in Classical Greece before the Turks even existed in Mongolia. The oldest and earliest evidences of Dolmades, nowadays popular and know all the way to Afghanistan even (where in these parts of the world its called Dolma) have their oldest roots/recipes and mentions in Classical Greece, far far far before the Turks existed in their place of origin in Mongolia. Accompanying with the fact that almost all ingredients of the modern Greek and Turkish cuisines are all native to Greece and the wider mediterranean and not in Mongolia. When the Turks came to the Greek lands of Anatolia they where profoundly influenced in every way possible, building on Greek roots and foundations. Same goes for skewered roasted kebabs/Souvlaki. The oldest archaeological evidences of kebab/souvlaki roasting in the world is found on the Greek island of Santorini 3700 years ago. Which is 3000 years before the Turks came. The list goes on and on, but one gets the point.

The same thing goes for music. The Lyra originates from Byzantium and most instruments originate from Ancient Greece or the Greek empire of Byzantium. And another very important fact is that the musical notation system including notes, octaves etc was invented in Greece. Also the oldest musical composed piece with musical notation is the Seikilos epitaph from ancient Greece.

So basically it boils down to the fact that there is no argument or evidence for a Turk to try to prove they are the root of anything, as their own historical origin lead them to be nomads, no civilization, no cities, extremely primitive cuisine, and so on, while Greece has had 5 golden ages, of which the classical Greek period is the most influential civilization in the world, where up to thousands of years before everything existed before the Turks came and later tried to "claim" certain things as theirs but fail in doing so.

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I sit in a hotel room in Los Angeles with tears running down my face, carried back to the three years I lived in a little village in north-east Crete. Agia Fotia, sacred fire. The music and the images brought those years back to life. Efharisto

Will James

@Alvaro Langhout trying it out right now. Seems great so far.

Alvaro Langhout

dunno if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account by using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google :)

dirk verfaille

it s worth crying while listening,because it is eternal.....DIRK VERFAILLE

skills bike

i live now in this village iw near in the ciry sitia and it iw very good also Sitia have very good attractions
Sorry i am greek and i dont know very good english


EatonCreative southeast lol


This music is so transcending and universal. It always gives me chills while I play this masterpiece. What's funny I'm not Greek, nor Irish as Daly, but Serbian from Belgrade. That's the power of music and culture.

nikos sfinias

Ο Ross Daly πρεπει να γίνει παράδειγμα σε εμας τους Κρητικους διότι γνωρίζει καλυτερα Άπτον καθένα την κρητική παράδοση και την εκτιμά και τη σέβεται πιο πολύ απ τους ιδιουςτους κρητικούς.Θρυλος!


Να μη ντρεπεσαι,αυτο δεν εχει συμβει μονο στη κρητικη μουσικη παντου ετσι ειναι,ειναι δυνατον να γινονται διασημοι Σνικ και δε ξερω και γω ποιος αλλος;Δεν ειναι αλλα γινεται!Ειμαστε αξιοι της μοιρας μας.Το μονο που μπορεις να κανεις ειναι να συνεχιζεις να χεις και να λες τη γνωμη σου αλλα μην στεναχωριεσαι..Και γω στεναχωριομουν,πλεον οχι.Να στεναχωριεσαι για καποιον που θελει και δε μπορει,αυτο ειναι καθαρα επιλογη του κοσμου να ακουει αυτα που ακουει.

nikos sfinias

Ναι φίλε μου ισχύει... είτε από τη δική του κλικα, είτε και εκτός, είναι πάρα πολλοί αξιολογοι καλλιτέχνες, αφανείς οι περισσότεροι. Ντρέπομαι πολύ παρόλα αυτά να ακούει κάποιος για Κρήτη, και το πρώτο που να σκέφτεται να είναι ζερβακης, ζωιδακης, κυριακακης και ντρουλιας μπραδερς... Αμαρτία μεγάλη... μακάρι να αλλάξουν οι καιροί

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