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Enta Aref Leih
Roubi Lyrics

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the first one is called enta aref leih :

enta 3aref laih ba7ebak laih we7obak laih bye7lali
do you know why i love you and why your love is beautiful to me?

laih bas-har laih wadoub be3naik wa7ebak teb2a tawali
why i stay up late and why i melt in your eyes and love for you to be near

7ayran 3ala toul ahh keda
i'm so confused ohh just like that

we mashghoul we 7alak yeb2a min 7ali
you're busy and your worries are my worries

3alashan betkoun 3ashe2
because you are passionate

magnoun we7obak leya mali el koun
crazy and your love fills univers for me

webteb2a baree2 sa3at
and sometimes you're innocent

we garee2 wala albi 3aleek beyhoun
and brave and my heart is willing

ya 7abeeb albi ya ghali 3ala 3aini
my sweetheart, precious to my eyes

we albi we mali ghena
my heart and give are songs

3an 7obak youm ya seedi ana
about your love my dear

ana banadeek ta3ala hena
i'm calling you, come here

tab ana 3andi kalam we kalam
i've got words upon words

we koli 7aneen we shou2 we gharam
and i'm all tenderness, passion, and love

we shou2i eleek wala beynam wala beynam
and my longing for you does not sleep, it does not sleep

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نجم اليل

منو راح يجي بسنه 2021 يشوفها 🙂💔😂😂

Fatima Fatiza

Ana hhh

مطبخ وتدابير ام ميرال


صدام اليمن الاصيل الجباحي

من 2021بس دخلت بي الغلط وشفت التعليق قلت لزم اثيت وجودي 🤣🤣🤣

Hala homs


Sarah J.h


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soso chanel مغربية في إيطاليا

مين لسة بيسمعها في 2021؟

moh sa

جمالها فرعوني مصري أصيل

Nerry Mohamed

@kaznofa111 لا عاشه يا حبيبي رسوم الفراعنة علي حيطان في الصعيد و الأقصر و أسوان تأكد انهم شبه روبي انتم بس طلعوا مصر من دماغكم

سـلطـآن على عرشـهہ

@nesrin mohamed سورية؟😂

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