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How To Handle Grown Ups
Ruckus Roboticus Lyrics

How to handle grownups

Can't they be annoying
Nag nag nag
They not only keep after you about making good grades
Do your homework, Clean your room
They even want to pickout your career
They want you to do what they want
Instead of what YOU want
Now they are three things you can do about grownups:
One, Ignore them
That is the smartest thing that you can possibly do
Start putting it into practice with the grownups in your life

Contributed by Sydney E. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Thanks for checking this out, everybody! If you guys like pandora and this kind of stuff, support your local college radio station! That's where I first hear this song a couple years ago. =^ )

Voluntary Anarchy

I cannot express in how many ways I love this song!!


I wish I could thumb this up every time I visited: a turntablist's narrative, a story about following your dreams. It's beautiful.

Joshua Williams

The "RJD2 Station" on Pandora is rhytmically beautiful; really cool.

FireFox Kris

I’m here thanks to a new computer keyboard advert. They were playing take me to a disco, and of course I just became addicted to this guys entire discography lol.

Joe Ryan

Came across this tune on Pandora as well. i created a station from the tune Lesson 5 by J5. Sick Sick Sick! Wish there was more out there like this!

Graham KH. Hrokhai

You’re here because your music taste is friggin awesome!

Poop Builder

This isn't Hip-Hop, it's trip hop.

Steve Brown

I also found this song on the gorillaz station. I love this song.


Que Sera radio has given me non-stop awesome shit too! Avalanches, RDJ2, Moby, MF DOOM, ect

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