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Rotten to the Core
Rudimentary Peni Lyrics

Have you Realised that Rock Stars
Always seem to lie so much?
John Lydon once said he cared
But he never really gave a fuck
Said he'd use the money he made
So that people would have somewhere to go
But now he lives in the USA
And Snorts Coke after the Show.

Why is it that Rock Stars
Always seem to lie so much?
Joe Strummer once said he cared,
But he never really gave a fuck
Said he'd use the money he made
To set up a radio station to make the
Airwaves full of something more than Shit
Have you noticed we're still Waiting?

You must realise that Rock Stars
Always seem to lie so much
Some will always tell you that they care,
But they don't really give a fuck,
Still you suckers don't ever learn
That rock stars deal in money not truth
It's good Buisiness to exploit you
Just look at Lydon or Strummer for Proof.


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Comments from YouTube:

Gerry Peacemaker

Fucking love this, Death church is the most expensive album I've ever bought. Eighty quid and worth every peni...

Jane Doe 138

Oi Polloi - Shhh.... it

Jane Doe 138

@Gerry Peacemaker Cacophony is my favourite album by them, so different than the rest, altho the first EP was awesome.
Have you heard this song remastered by bands like Oi Polloi and Thatcher on Acid, it was aimed at Chumbawamba when they sold out to EMI - I'll go get it, if links are allowed on this channel :)


got it for 80 bucks myself

Gerry Peacemaker

Wishes I had cacophony as well, so I could listen to better not born on repeat.@Jane Doe 138

Jane Doe 138

Gerry Peacemaker I used to have some great YouTube playlists for folk like you but they got trashed by assholes, so gave in. Ill put some other UK Anarcho bands up in the next few months, give you a treat -:)

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Russ Slagel

Hadn't listened to this one in a while and I'm kinda just realizing what a fucking beast this drummer is.

Caio Cezar Cersosimo

That intro is all I need to survive


Literally 🤘🏼

Chance Fugitt

This and the beginning to Gut Feeling by DEVO get me every time.

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