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The Faces
Rushmore Lyrics

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Aceyalone Right Come here Let me holler at you face to fa…

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Comments from YouTube:


I cried tears of happiness at this ending. Brilliant film!

nellie’s nose

I bawled my eyes out at this ending. it wasn’t from happiness or sadness, though. it was just sort of... emotional

Luis Wetzel

RoperH23 YES....a beauty of a film which I just discovered. PEACE


Beautiful. She loved him. It shows. Nothing will become of it. Just 2 old souls find each other and accept that they need to move on. Incredible film. His best

Param Bhattacharyya

It's weird but I had this same feeling with a girl I met many years ago. I guess as a guy it's hard to accept, if we like each other then why can't we be together?

Wystan Isles

Rushmore is still Wes Anderson's best movie, and one of my favourite movies

Manuel Mazó

Rushmore is my personal favourite but in my opinion Grand Budapest is his best film if that makes any sense. Really top notch film making


and bottle rocket !!!

Everette Haire

Nah, 3rd best. Life aquatic, Grand Budapest, then Rushmore

Merrill Butler

Every Wes Anderson movie is gold. My four kids are totally into him as well and while we differ, they completely agree that Moonrise Kingdom is his best. I myself can't possibly make a decision...

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