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Another Battle
Russell Allen & Jorn Lande Lyrics

Lived in a nightmare never woke up
Searched for peace without result
Waited for changes that never came
Just another war and I got the blame

I don't wanna live in your cold world
I don't wanna hear your evil words
Find another one who plays your game
I'm sure everything will be the same

I won't fight another battle
I won't take this anymore
I won't give you any reasons
To not walk out thru that door

No moments left of calm silence here
My hope is long gone don't you come near
No more strength to argue again
To your disappointment I won't show any fear

I don't wanna live in your cold world...

I won't fight another battle...

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Comments from YouTube:

Rangdondor Blah

We need a new album from Allen Lande. Also from Place Vendome. 😭😭😀😀


Now Kiske is with Helloween so We will have to wait a lot for a New Place Vendome album

Daniel P

Precisamos mesmo!!!!

Robson B

@jonrocker1983 Agreed. I love the first two albums of Allen/Lande and Place Vendome. haha

Ashley Schaeffer

I have been dying for new Place Vendome. Those albums are amazing!!!


As long as it would be like the first one...


Here I was thinking there is new Allen/Lande content, darn it!

Nuno Santos

Agreed, too good of a trio! Magnus songs with both gods singing it's a match made on heaven!


Same here

Nicole Lagos Rivera

Same... I saw Allen/Lande and rushed to play the video. What a way to play with us

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