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Tri Martolod
Ryczace - Shannon Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Tri Martolod' by these artists:

Alan Stivell Tri martolod yaouank... la la la... Tri martolod yaouank i …
Argantael Tri martolod yaouank... la la la... Tri martolod yaouank i v…
Nolwenn Leroy Tri martolod yaouank (tra la la, la la la la) Tri…
Poeta Magica Tri martolod yaouank (tra la la, la la la la) Tri…
Santiano Sag mir Lebwohl, mein Herz Tralala la lalala Auch wenn der A…

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Comments from YouTube:

Alphonse Robichu

Wow, so special to see some Polish people singing Tri Martolod.. Good job guys ! Makes me loving more again my Britanny !

Ansi Golan


Dziki z lasu

There was a discusion abaut Polish interest of Celtic culture. It can be explained by fact that in southern Poland there are a lot of celtic relics like munds, sculptures, artifacts in museums etc. it stays in mind and you ask who are this Celts. Morover genetists seys that same people live here since bronze age so Celts must be our ancestors as well as germanic tribes and Slavs of course...

Dziki z lasu

@Maja Mikus I'm talking about the period 4000 years ago. The difference between Celtic, Slavic and Germanic languages ware same as between Polish, Bulgarian and Russian, it was only a 1000-2000 years after PIE splited, so historians like to call those people simply as Indo-Europeans. However the archeological culture for that period resembles the most Celtic one*. I know you love that Kremlin** bullshit, abaut the Slavic dominance since ever, but it is not supported by anything. Look at our language, granica, sługa, trzon - a Celtic or rather Kentum words, also you can compose whole sentences in EASTERN Germanic words, confusing even Czechs for example with the word szukać - seek in Polish and f#ck in Czech LOL
*Archeological culture is only a suggestion. If there was no written sources we would be now in transitional period between skeleton burials and cinerary urns, probably interpreted as the major culture replacement by the far future scientists ;)
**Russians are Slavic, Uralic, Turic mix with an Mongol addon

Maja Mikus

We are SLAWIAN NOT a celtic. Slawian Gods, Slawian mitologii, Slawian culture, tradition

Sebastian Szulczewski

Much more vikings recognizing no told history


Dziki z lasu j from soutern Poland from western Galicia and totally agree

Kamil Szczepański

Oj w podróży na Wolin ciągle się tego słuchało :)


dobre... bo polskie ;)


Chłopaki na końcu wymietli z tą gitarą i dudami

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