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Always Be Your Girl 너의 소녀가 되어줄게
S.I.S. Lyrics

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Here’s is a little guide for new fans!!

Girl with ;

Flower 🌷: Minzy
Book 📖 : Gaeul
Guitar 🎸 : Dal (check out her recent solo Sad Love Story please!)
Camera 📷 : Sebin (maknae)
Card 🃏 : Anne (She’s also featured in UNB- Black Heart MV!)
Ribbon 🎀: J-Sun (Leader)

A n g e l P e r s e f o n e

@Danielly Ferreira Bom, eu não conheço muito ( tem pouca coisa legendada ) mas S.I.S e uma sigla pra Serendipity In Stars que significa " o acaso das estrelas " ou Sister ( elas tem uma parada de irmãs ) , a ideia é que o grupo pretende usar seus talentos para alcançar as expectativas dos fãs e chegar até as estrelas. Tem seis bebês, e todas elas participaram do The Unit ( Três delas, Anne, Gaeul e Sebin, chegaram a passar da fase das audições. ) elas debutaram no dia 25 de agosto de 2017 com o single I've got a feeling e as membros são :

J-sun/ Kim Jihae : líder, vocalista.
Tipo sanguíneo A e tem 1:70.
Representa a “irmã mais nova perfeita”.

Dal/ Kim Ahyeon : Vocalista principal.
tem 1:65
Representa a “irmã mais nova de voz doce”.

Minzy / Choi Minji : Rapper principal, dançarina.
1,63 de altura.
Representa a “irmã mais nova princesa do gelo”.

Gaeul/ Choi Moonjoo: vocal
1,67, tipo A
Representa a “irmã mais nova feminina”.

Anne/Kim Sungyeon : vocal e dançarina
1,62 tipo O
Representa a “irmã mais nova amável”. ( ela e de Daegu então fala de um jeito fofo)

Sebin / Lee Sebin: Vocal e Maknae
1,60 e tipo sanguíneo B

Representa a “irmã mais nova energética”.

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Akbar Faurazi

I hope their company treat them right. They have many potential, their visual is no joke...


Frzkbr support them vote for them if you want the company to treat them right


@yubakuun el . Just a nasty comment. Your favorite group was third-rate at one time too. Bye!


@APRIL S . That's not a correction. Double X should update both channels then. Why abandon the S.I.S YouTube channel? Not very smart to give up on their channel on one of the biggest websites in the world. Also, Bugs is NOT a better distributor than 1theK. Only tiny groups use them. Besides, I was talking about the difference on YouTube. Bugs = 591K subs. 1theK = 15 million subs! Enough said.


@EagleOne Correction, S.I.S YT channel has been inactive and all of the videos about the group are uploaded on Double X YT channel. Also they never gained a lot of attention on 1theK either and NHN Bugs is a much better distributor (in Europe specially, getting albums from them is so easy)

Akbar Faurazi

@EagleOne what a waste, I hope their company promote this song well on music show

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U Cilik Production

they have gfriend + DIA vibes!

DAY \7

It gave me Anime Vibes. 😂

The SKpop

What about WJSN vibes?



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