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Sechskies Lyrics

예전보다 지금 니가 더욱 괜찮을거야
허전했던 나의 빈 곳을 이젠 채워 줬으니
아름다운 세상에서 많이 외로워 하며
내 반쪽을 찾아 헤맨 건 모두 옛날 얘긴 걸
내 생애 이 시간만을 얼마나 기다렸는지
마치 꿈만 같은 걸 이젠 나 혼자가 아닌
너와 함께 하는 거야

Oh love 왜 이제서야
많이 외롭던 나를 찾아온거야
Oh love 너를 사랑해
이제 모든 시간들을 나와 함께해

Alright, alright
I saw you one time, I lost my heart to you
Oops baby, I'll be loving you forever with you now
Baby, don't go too far, I won't let you go
Please don't go, I wanna hold you tight
And I need your love

얼마나 수많은 날을 기다려 왔는 줄 아니
이젠 모두 앞에서 너의 손을 꼭 붙잡고
우린 함께 하는 거야

Oh love 왜 이제서야
많이 외롭던 나를 찾아온거야
Oh love 너를 사랑해
이제 모든 시간들을 나와 함께해

과거 따윈 모두 잊고 나와 함께 할
많은 시간을 추억으로 만들어

Oh love 왜 이제서야
많이 외롭던 나를 찾아온 거야
Oh love 너를 사랑해
이제 모든 시간들을 나와 함께해

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Comments from YouTube:


H.O.T, Shinhwa, g.o.d and SechsKies should clash their comebacks together. It'll be one epic moment LEGIT. The juniors would be scared shitless. HAHA.

nwh 99

Turbo also not bad, their popularity back also insane


I want that to happen


Aigomorla well the juniors are KOREAN and probably growing up with their musics so they wouldn't think like that because they know already that korean music are great 😂

Terry Cho

LOL the juniors will be like "oh shit korean music used to be this good?"


They were together at fantastic duo. :)

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No how the heck was this released six years ago it feels like yesterday 😭

Ecila Gnit

Became a Sechskies fan recently it's such a pity that Jiyong and Sunghoon are no longer a member their vocals are great :(

Bisola Bello

Sunghoon was a hypocritical hot mess with all his scandals and fraud . He even said horrible things about Eun Ji won (his friend of over 20 years). Was secretly married to the manager of one of his fan cafes by defrauded yellowkies of money

Rara chan

@Jo-Jo ZaiDi Sunghoon is exposed of saying "Idols these days are ugly" well he already destroy his career.

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