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Purulent Degradation

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Comments from YouTube:


The drum sound on this record is perfect - somehow dry but pounding and thunderous. Also separation between instruments is great so you can hear everything, even the bass and vocals. Top 5 death metal records ever!


I bought this Cd from the band when they were touring in Spain for 18 or 20 years ago. Great live performance and great music!

Adao Silva

DZC666 you are the gratte chance,l see the same bande Portugal,the best festival underground,l see this bande in SWR Metal Fest Barrosselas,in PORTUGAL ,26 years ago .

Here's Johnny!

Excellent album! Every song is heavy and catchy!


never heard anything aside from the first demo since I was 16. Still an awesome band

Dirk Funk 805

that demo was fucking killer!

Daniel San

Absolutely a fucking masterpiece!!! Killer album!!!

hadrien msuy

For sure one of the catchiest Death Metal release ever ! Every single riff is awesome. Like a faster version of Cannibal Corpse with incisive riffs and a killer classic vox.

Hugh Betcha

Absolutely classic!

Adao Silva

Eaton Hogg l love USA death metal,this bande for me is especial.

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