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Glory to the Gods in the Highest
by Sabbath Assembly

Glory to the Gods in the highest
Place yourself in the Hand of God
Glory to the Gods in the higest
Trust the will of God

Are you strong will you give all
Are you strong will you not fall
For the Gods will you stand tall
Will you serve the will of God

You are healed of your sins now
You are healed by the Christ now
To the Gods you can give now
Will you serve the will of God

Are you brave do you run away
Are you brave do you hide away
To the Gods will you always pray
Will you serve the will of God

Give your all give your everything
Give your all praise the Gods and sing
For the Christ give your everything
Will you server the will of God

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Comments from YouTube:


The absolute masterpiece album of the decade!!!


Hail the Process Church of the Final Judgement and Mind-bending Skunk Weed.

Brando Williams

Satanism, 1960s style baby 🙏🏻 So good!

black sabbath

It plays again and again after i discover it....just mythical....!!!!!!

Zando Zan

Sam brought me here.



Sayosel Mills

amazing song very hypnotic


Perfect album!.


@MyNameisRichGreen God is supposedly omnipotent. Are you personally acquainted with God? Has he told you he is singular? Whatsmore, can you prove it? God cannot be defined in human terms, it cannot even be determined that there are not multiple sentient beings present in the cosmos. I didn't post this video to incite theological debate and argument, I posted it so people can enjoy alternative philosophy and the music itself. But you're welcome.

Bryan Scruggs

@Zickleinmorder And nevermind, this song rules.

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