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Meditations On God's Glory
Sacred Music Services Lyrics

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Randall Hips

Yes,Is like to jump in too.
First,how great is it to hear spectacular piano playing accompanying the choir and congregation.
Brings tears to my eyes.
Today's contemporary Christian is bloody awful.
I repudiate,I say repudiate,"Christian" rap music in any Christian church.
And I cast a dim view on a pastor who allows it in his church.
The pastor is supposed to protect his flock.
The young follow the old,the old don't follow the young.
Bring back the old hymns pastors.
Toss out Hillsong and Bethe music.
I won't buy it nor will I sing it in your church.
Matter of fact pastors, I walk into church 20 minutes late so I don't have to hear it.
Monotonous Chairman Mao one verse stanzas,boring,dull.
I came out of Midwestern Bible churches in Illinois a stones throw from Moody Bible institute.
How can a congregation not sing "Wonderful Grace of Jesus", " He Arose",
"Love Lifted Me",Mansion Over the Hilltop" on Easter Sunday?
I went to one Easter Sunday service at a local Calvary Chapel here in Philadelphia and left depressed.
The music totally whiffed.
When we sang the above songscat Des Planes Bible Church or Park Ridge Bible Church I thought the roof was going to blow off.
Now I know,I was there when the young people left the Baptist churches,Lutheran,Presbyterian,Methodist churches for these "new" churches with the drums,guitar,bass,synthesizer band accompanying a Peter,Paul, and Mary type group.
I call it the California hippie commune church,because it did come from California.
That was the first mistake.
Lets send it back to California along with their torn jeans,sandals,and rock bands.
Go back to what we sang when we grew up,what Mom and Dad,Grandma and Grandpa sang.
I can't stop the tears from rolling when I hear "In the Sweet By and By","There's a Church in the Valley","It is Well",Softly and Tenderly".
NONE of the New Apostolic Reformation Music does this for me.
Are you going to continue to bait the young with rock n roll,rap,hip hop music which does not belong in our churches at the expense of
disenfranchising the middle age to older folks?

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Doug Williams

I really enjoy watching things like this, and I feel blessed, encouraged, and challenged every time I do.  I've got to be honest with you though; I almost feel cheated, because I've never been to anything like this.  I am thinking about suggesting this to my pastor, that we do something like this in the community, maybe on the church parking lot, or somewhere.  I have to apologize to you who have been given a higher platform in Christian music, because I feel as if I should have been doing this all my life as well -- instead of playing polkas at wedding receptions, or festivals, and such.  I want to give my later years to playing, singing, and ministering the Gospel to others.

Loren England

Doug Williams I’ve been to a few of these in my youth. But you’re right. You have missed great experiences. The Gaithers Homecoming DVD’s bring a lot of enjoyment. You can tell the enjoyment they’re having in praising God.

Trish hume

Doug Williams maybe you can and go play for the old folks or if there are old people in your steeet ? I remember the salvos would set up st the bottom of our street and play hymns every few weeks on a Saturday.

Don Ayers

Sounds like church, when I was a kid. I'm 75 and still enjoy those old songs , that were in the Baptist hymnal!

Don Ayers

@Rusty Costner Amen ! I was born in LaFollette, Tn.

Rusty Costner

I’m almost 63 and this reminds me of being 5 or 6 years old and going to church with my granddad in E Tn mountains. The way church should be !!!


You don't need the rock concert atmosphere.  You don't need the so-called praise teams.  This kind of singing is all you need.

Judith Edwards

Amen and Amen!

Paul HT

Amen brother 😎

Michael Chaney

You do you. I appreciate all styles of worship.

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