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Come Again
Saigon Lyrics

Nukka saigon where'd you get that flow
You better get in there and get that dough
All over the world, god, it's kids that know
You remember in south click we did that show
Only had one mic but ripped that though
Only had one fight and flipped that mug
Lucky for him we didn't get that tough
'Cause word to my moms I woulda shit bagged bro
Let 'em know
Nukka saigon where'd you get that flow
You ill when you rhyme simple as tic tac toe
You know why I'm rhymin' as simple as tic tac toe?
'Cause niggaz is dumb and that's the shit that blow
Let'm know
Nukka saigon where'd you get that flow
Half on the quart, yeah nigga that's whoa
It's always them same niggaz that sniff that snow
Get away with the yay but get that dro
I want to get high, nigga, forget that hoe
You can keep that dutch but let that zig zag go

Told niggaz I was comin'
I'm the one y'all need to be worred about
I'm that dude
Y'all gon' see
Let's get back to business

My team will come through; pop you in the head
Them sixteens shot you now you up and dead
You act like you can't get hit with hot lead
I pop you in your cornrows; pop 'em in the dreads
Even niggaz with waves could get some of this
Come again; got niggaz in the state pen; niggaz in the bing
Got niggaz only hatin' 'cause I'm getting' ripped
Now I got to chase them with the infrared
Come again; somebody gonna leave this party dead
Some boy gon' get shot and knocked in the head
I hit him with the head shot that rocked him to bed
Sprayed down, popped him, shot him then I fled
Come again

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Comments from YouTube:

Air Pegasus

Remember This On Smack Like In 04-06 .. Was Fire Then And Still Fire Now 🔥


tru life an the white girl in the back kill it aswell ...DVD was hard!

Salekyah Pendleton

Word up. All my mid-30's and up peeps. Come again



ElevatedGrub Gardens

S.M.A.C.K was that shit


on the real

Steven Woods

Who’s here from his interview with vlad?

Tip top Hip-hop

Been listening to Saigon since suburban noize records days

Louis Crit

Nah , We here because of Saigon new album “777” .

I Remain Productions

How is it that People are still sleeping on how dope Saigon has been for years.

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