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Samantha Morton Lyrics

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@eratoray As Pound wrote - “Comparative literature” sometimes figures in university curricula, but very few people know what they mean by the term, or approach it with a considered conscious method. Of course, you can take the dictionary definition as you have, and pretend to know it, although it does not mean that you really understand the process or know anything about it, or that you even have the intelligence to paraphrase a textbook.

Michael Lidgley


emma morris

i remember dulce est decorum est by Owen strong stuff


@eratoray I assure you, there is most definately such a thing as a bad poem. How can you tell what's good and what's bad poetry? Something called Comparative Literature.


@poet57 "I'm all for speech, but.." always seems to preface a contradiction doesn't it? A bit like "I don't wish to be rude, but..." or "I don't want to be funny, but...." and the classic, "I'm not racist, but..." If you are pro free-speech just let these ill-informed people get on with it as most of it seems to be driven by spitefulness and they'll damn themselves from their own mouths.


@eratoray Please don't copy & paste from a Wiki page and pretend you know something. It is a matter of judgement, not merely taste. Good judgement can only come from a cultivated appreciation of the art. LOOK at one poem. LOOK at another (preferably of similar style). Compare them. Which communicates best? Which is most eloquent, most perceptive, most rigorously precise? Is there music in the language? Ask all these questions and decide. We call this 'Comparative Literature'.


@ArchieRoylance nice one troll...


She sounds drunk.


@cotswoldquaker wow- this comment has fewer thumbs up than 'she sounds drunk' -what a shame


I totally agree: all this negativity is depressing. She is not the best reader of her poetry but then as you say few are. I love e e cummings but can't listen to him reciting his poetry. Well said Poet57

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