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Teen Beat
Sander Nelson Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Teen Beat' by these artists:

Fleetwood Mac (One, two, three) Oh oh oh Oh oh oh Oh oh oh Oh oh…
Sandy Nelson Instrumental, NO LYRICS…

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Comments from YouTube:


This is what it feels like to drive a 50's american car at high speed.

Osama BeenLatin

While running from the pigs at high speed

qwerty ytrewq

@Veroxzes yea ofc, but you can drive same speed in average car now. Exept in modern car you wont feel 100km/h when in old one it would be like space rocket


qwerty ytrewq Can’t compare 50’s sports cars to modern +400kmh Koenigseggs. They were fast for the time.

qwerty ytrewq

50s cars dont have high speed

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Vucskó Gábor

This is the latest released song in the real life that the game included for the 1951 section.
The original 'Teen Beat' was released in 1959, but this version, which is included in the game, it's actually an 1965 re-recording
It explains why this song sounded too much '60s for me all the time

Bear son

The whole of this song is amazing. I loved it in Mafia II and still love it today. :D

dicccheese saunt

mafia 3 is coming out,and i love mafia 2 as well :D


Wouldn't mind if someone remastered this and extended the the guitar riff a bit more, love it but it's too short


Wow i wish i lived the 50s... LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!!

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