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Sanity Clause Lyrics

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RC Monkeyboy

I love Groucho's sense of timing. His throw-away line, "I was blind for 3 days", is priceless. And his constant looks over at Chico really add to the hilarity.


And he hasn't been in Canada for years.


@Don Don I remember watching a show about the Marx Brothers once and it the host told the following story. The Marx Brothers rarely followed the script. While filming one of their movies, the script writer grabbed the director and said, "Wait a minute! I think I heard one of my lines." Ad-lib was the trademark of the Marx Brothers.

BK Dro

Only times that Grouchos the straight man is when he interacts with

Don Don

... and the amazing thing is that most of the dialogue from Groucho was "unscripted and sheer ad-lib", according to the various directors of the Marx Bros. films.

Daniel Monaco

It's been nearly a hundred years and this scene is still laugh out loud hilarious.

Tao Tzu133

@Spiritof Seventysix "Why a Duck?": To get to the other side quicker.🤣


@Juliaflo " starts to grow on you..."

Spiritof Seventysix

The duck is a recurring reference throughout the Marxes' and especially Groucho's career. His signature walk was called "the duck walk" and on Groucho's television program You Bet Your Life a stuffed duck made up to resemble Groucho would drop from the ceiling to give contestants money if they said the day's secret word. Ducks are the only animals that perform lines in the song "Everyone Says I Love You" in the Marx Brothers' fourth film, Horse Feathers (1932). Their fifth film was called Duck Soup (1933).

Spiritof Seventysix

"Why a Duck?" is a comedy routine featured in the Marx Brothers movie The Cocoanuts (1929). In a scene in which Groucho and Chico are discussing a map, Groucho mentions the presence of a viaduct between the mainland and a peninsula. Chico, who is playing the role of an immigrant with poor English skills, replies "Why a duck?" This leads into a long schtick with Chico responding "Why a no chicken?", "I catch ona why a horse", and so forth.

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