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Sleep Walk
Santo & Johnny Lyrics


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Proof that music never has an expiration date

Mila from Manila

Absolutely true!


That hits hard, damn


except today

Santiago Mendez


Zeke Robinett

Except maybe Limp Bizkit ?

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Adam Perre

For a song with no lyrics it moves so many emotions absolutely beautiful

Paul Treadaway

U get that with Instrumental i just made a tape of only Instruments no lyrics or vocals just another style with abit of Research it's wonderful


Don't need lyrics. I've always found the most soothing music to always be instrumental only. Something about speaking emotions without words is one of the most beautiful things I can think of. I can cry easier listening to music without words.

Paul Treadaway

@TheCRTman instrumentals can do that with all the emotions with only sound can do that

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