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Saturday Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Saturday:

Issues Ooooh yeah Sometimes I fell like I'm going out of my…
Just Can't Get Enough Oh, oh, when I'm with you baby, I go out…
night 19 85 and I'm a king Bet you wish you were with…
The Fall I gave you all you desired All that you needed boy…
What about us Oh why are we are waiting so long, I'm suffocating Oh…
Work Baby the harder you work the further you get with…

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Posiciones :

Haneul (la chica de las dos coletas)
Main Raper, Main Dancer, Lider, Visual y vocalista

Ayeon (Chica del cabello castaño largo tiene el vestido rosa)
Main vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual

Minseo (Chica del cabello castaño largo, tiene una chaqueta blanca)
Lead dancer, Lead Raper, lead vocalist, Maknae

Juyeon (Chica del cabello castaño con una cola de caballo)
Lead vocalist, dancer, raper

Yuki (chica del cabello más corto)
Lead vocalist, lead dancer


i see we have a lot of new people joining the fandom. welcome! here are a few things you should know:
group name: saturday
company: sd entertainment
members: haneul, juyeon, yuki, ayeon, minseo
debut song: mmook jji bba (2018)

(0:09) haneul - leader, main rapper, main dancer, vocalist, visual
(0:48) juyeon - lead vocalist, lead dancer
(0:45) yuki - lead vocalist, lead dancer
(1:35) ayeon - main vocalist, visual
(0:25) minseo - lead rapper, vocalist, maknae

this is just a quick thing to help you get to know the members. if you'd like any more information, please contact me on twitter (@cosmic_ryujin) and i'll be happy to help. their next comeback is supposed to be on august 3rd. thank you for supporting these sweet girls, and welcome to the fandom!

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demon coaster

beğenin herkes görsün....

ونس لحياه افضل -̈ .

@💮Öykü Nihal 💮 😹

ونس لحياه افضل -̈ .

@ji_angel_soo qqqq[

ونس لحياه افضل -̈ .


ونس لحياه افضل -̈ .




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this deserves a popularity boost like rollin





Heize stan


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