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Alive with the Glory of Love
by Say Anything

When I watch you, want to do you, right where you're standing yeah
Right on the foyer on this dark day right in plain view oh yeah
Of the whole ghetto, the boot-stomped meadows, but we ignore that yea
You're lovely baby, this war is crazy, I won't let you down oh no no no
I won't let them take you, won't let them take you hell no no
I won't let them take you, won't let them take you hell no no
No no no no no

And when our city vast and shitty
Falls to the Axis, yeah
They'll search the buildings collect gold fillings, wallets, and rings
But Miss Black Eyeliner you'd look finer with each day in hiding oh yea
Beneath the warm wood, ooh love me so good,
They won't hear us screw away the day, I'll make you say
(Alive, alive, alive with love)

No I won't let them take you, won't let them take you hell no no
Oh no I won't let them take you, won't let them take you
Our Treblinka is alive with the glory of love
Treblinka, alive with the glory of love yea

Should they catch us and dispatch us those separate work camps yeah
I'll think about you, I'll dream about you
I will not doubt you with the passing of time
Should they kill me your love will fill me as warm as the bullets
I'll know my purpose this all was worth this I won't let you down

No I won't, no I won't, no I won't
(Alive, alive, alive with love)
I won't let them take you, won't let them take you hell no no

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: MAX BEMIS

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Michael Alfonso

The song, described as an "intense and oddly uplifting rocker about a relationship torn by the Holocaust," by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, is actually semi-biographical in nature, telling the story of songwriter and vocalist Max Bemis's grandparents, both of whom were Holocaust survivors.The song documents the love between two individuals as they live their lives in the ghetto, in hiding, and in the work camp. In an interview, Bemis said: "I thought about what it would be like to be in love and be separated from the person you love, because these times are just as dire in a way. Anything can happen, in a war and terrorist attacks and cynicism and all these actors who oppose love."

Not Me

No shit, dickhead!

Mackenzie Peel



Max is clearly the greatest person of all time

Bones' Coffee

every Sunday at a bar here in Chicago, they have an "emo vs. pop punk" night and this is played almost every time and everyone still loses their mind when it comes on...myself included

Imported TV

None of that exists here in Iowa. That sound sick tho!

Paul P

That's great

Darkroom Ignite!

My cousin and I would play this at every party when we were really wrecked and everything would just pop off.

Western Defector

Im chicago area what's the bar dude? this is incredibly nostalgic

Josh Bhargava

This shit sucks!

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