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Since the Accident
Scorched Earth Policy Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Jim Bo

I worked with Andrew and Mary on the ChCh City Council Summertimes programme in the summer of '85, based upstairs above the Dux De Lux in the now ruined Arts Center. An intense but brilliantly creative period, largely spent learning Earth Ball strategies, how to juggle and play 'New Games', ultimately culminating in the construction of one of the finest lagerphones ever built which sadly remains unplayed to this day.


Siltbreeze has just put out an LP that has the two EPs, one per side. With downloads, though I don't know if the downloads include all the cassette/live material you got on the CD that Medication put out.

Jim Bo

Ahhh yes...S.E.P...I recall them with equal parts fondness and apprehension. Andrew Dawson, Ashburtons answer to Rick Astley...Mary Heney, flame haired enchantress...where are they now?

Ashley Louise Smith

Where can I get this album?

andreas hahn

very Velvety 💕❤️💕


@glendor1968 Unfortunately that's all that's available as far as I know. You could also check out The Terminals, Max Block and the Victor Dimisich Band, from the same circles.


@ashleylouisesmith if you just want to hear it, if you want to buy it, you'll probably have to do ebay - the cd was released on medication records a while ago, i think it's out of print.

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