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Scott Falcon Lyrics

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it's like those Midevil Knights that fight for a womans love like

Boca-Chica: Thou shalt be ye representation of ye Sunk Cost Fallacy!

Marshall: Thou fools! Thour lunatic's ideas shalt be as batsh*t crazy as green cheese!

(meanwhile, behind the crowd that gathered)

Goddard: Oh JPL! Thank goodness you're here! Let's run off and make out together in the sunset!

JPL: we can go to Vandenberg's? No-one will know we're there. No-one will see us through the fog and the camera are sh*t.

edit i like how this just devolved into making fun at vandenbergs weeather and camera crew

Mark Beard

Hey Scott, haven’t seen the whole video yet but wanted to add my two-penneth to your analysis of the telemetry. I’m an embedded systems engineer and in my earlier years developed basic equations for orbital mechanics from first principles, because I wasn’t sufficiently academic to find a university to take me for physics!

I think you’re wrong about the 0.6g in z-axis. In freefall, all axes of acceleration would read zero. Centripetal acceleration would be provided by gravity, the two forces would cancel out. That’s why things float in orbit, not because there’s no gravity there.

I was looking at this in real time and figured it out. The telemetry is consistent with a failure of the main engine that resulted in a rotation of the spacecraft. That would have interrupted telemetry if it was sent via a directional antenna. If not, then the failure could have momentarily dragged down the bus supply voltage until over-current protection kicked in. Either way, the spacecraft systems recovered and telemetry was restored. If the main engine was being commanded to fire, it could show as firing even if it wasn’t. The eight smaller peripheral thrusters may have provided sufficient thrust to indicate 0.6g, but clearly not enough to arrest a catastrophic fall.

I believe the IMU and attitude control were operating as the radar altimeter was giving valid height, vertical speed and ground speed indications right up until the final telemetry packet.

So sad, but I agree with you and join you in congratulating SpaceIL in their openness in publishing their telemetry in real time. That’s a hugely brave and enlightened thing to do.

Shahar S

Hey, Hebrew speaker here.
Some important things said in hebew on the loop and by the commenter during the decent:

* During telemetry freeze the right screen (3D view) is still updating but the commenter says that the values are incorrect as you've suggested.
* After the "IMU2 not ok" call there's a disscussion whether to turn it on again or not. A few seconds later the call "Do not turn on IMU2" is being said multipule times.

* There's a lot of confusion about the main engine thrust after telemetry comes back. When the vertical velocity hits 75 m/s one controller calls: "Is the main engine on?"
* Another controller answers: "According to fire time the main engine is on" (I think this means that in this time the engine should be on, but this call isn't based on the telemetry).
and adds: "We have an increase in average pressure to 16.5 bars, interesting".
* A few seconds later the controller says: "According to 'required top' the main engine is *off*". (What does 'required top' mean?).
* A different controllers says right after the previous call: "Main engine is on".
* Then another controller calls: "Look at the acceleration values! The main engine is off!". (This doesn't sound like a regular mission control call, which are calm and state facts, not a call to action like this one).
* Then comes the reset call: "Do a reset".


* 800m above the ground a controller calls: "The main engine is back on according to pressure values".
* The commenter says in hebrew and english: "We have the main engine back"
** People start to clap ** but the commenter says: "No. no...not..." as the spacecraft hits the ground and connection is lost

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So it hit the moon about as fast as a rifle bullet... well you could say they were shooting for the moon and didn’t mis.

Aaron Lowe

I'm surprised Youtube didn't ban Israel for using the name Beresheet, cause they banned another user for having sheet in their name.


@#GOT You say this a year after it was posted...


No it was going slower than that, about 1/3 that fast

p mack

A little faster, if you consider vertical velocity.

Special EDy

12:40, Elon Musk secretly developed a Stargate.

Jesus Christ

I don’t know what I would do without you. Thank you!

Flat Earth believer123

Howdy Jesus

David Horn

It can't be

Jan M.

It's not an oxygen tank, it's mystery goo container!

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