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Depth of Field
Sea Pinks Lyrics

If I can dive back
Where time always seem to go
Time fading black from yellow
I should go back find my own
Way home but I don't know
Where I am going any more
Take a field in eternity from
The overload the stative is not
Learning but when it goes
But I don't know If I go alone
Now and I don't know the way
To go and I don't know if I'm
Deserving of being born well
I'm so alone so
Depth of eternity from the
Overload the stative is not
Learning but I don't know
And I don't know if I know
How and I don't know the
Way to go and I don't know
If I deserve it of being born
Along this road so oh oh
Time fades back gone to
Send a close but I don't
Know where II am
Going any more

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Comments from YouTube:

Kevin Phol Carhuancho Castillo

suenan a ocean blue!


can't find these lyrics anywhere, sea pinks are so underrated

Cesar moreno romero

Surf rock

Abi Hart

Discovered your music the other day and I am so happy for it. So, so beautiful. Thank you ❤️


@Sea Pinkswhat are the lyrics for this :ccc

Sea Pinks

Thank you so much! You may be interested to know our entire discography is currently free to download and unlimited streaming via :)


To whoever reading this, you have a great taste in music >>>

Atrijit Das

6k views? Blasphemy

Lady Lovecraft

Hagamos especial algo random 🎆


excellent!!!!! <3

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