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In Collusion with the Waves
Seas of Years Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


think of you're at some kind of high place, and you have really good scenery that has clouds, a little grey fog and some pine trees in it. away from the city, away from the annoying sounds of buses or cars or maybe even people. you have your wife/husband with you, he/she is hugging you. you both just watch the scenery with this music in background. oh dear.

by the way, my dream doesn't allow you to lay your ass. you gotta do what God wants you to do, finish your job, then live the dream. I do not know if this will happen one day but I know one thing very clearly, this dream is so good. now, before old Mary Todd calls, I gotta go.

The Cascadian Hiker

Listen. There can be the most beautiful things without words. This is one.

Shreyansh Jain

oh beauty.. this is amazing..

Storm's Killzone

The part starting from 3:00 has something immensely tragic to it with that backing violin. One of the most beautiful endings to a song ever

Belinda Birdsall

oml this is SO underrated

Go Cardinals

Thanks Clique

Surender Kumar

Beautiful track...

Lucas Vlog

♥️ meditação🧘‍♀️


this sounds a lot like alicks - empathy

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