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Sechskies Lyrics

예전보다 지금 니가 더욱 괜찮을거야
허전했던 나의 빈 곳을 이젠 채워 줬으니
아름다운 세상에서 많이 외로워 하며
내 반쪽을 찾아 헤맨 건 모두 옛날 얘긴 걸
내 생애 이 시간만을 얼마나 기다렸는지
마치 꿈만 같은 걸 이젠 나 혼자가 아닌
너와 함께 하는 거야

Oh love 왜 이제서야
많이 외롭던 나를 찾아온거야
Oh love 너를 사랑해
이제 모든 시간들을 나와 함께해

Alright, alright
I saw you one time, I lost my heart to you
Oops baby, I'll be loving you forever with you now
Baby, don't go too far, I won't let you go
Please don't go, I wanna hold you tight
And I need your love

얼마나 수많은 날을 기다려 왔는 줄 아니
이젠 모두 앞에서 너의 손을 꼭 붙잡고
우린 함께 하는 거야

Oh love 왜 이제서야
많이 외롭던 나를 찾아온거야
Oh love 너를 사랑해
이제 모든 시간들을 나와 함께해

과거 따윈 모두 잊고 나와 함께 할
많은 시간을 추억으로 만들어

Oh love 왜 이제서야
많이 외롭던 나를 찾아온 거야
Oh love 너를 사랑해
이제 모든 시간들을 나와 함께해

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Comments from YouTube:

King KeNNy Slay

I am new to SECHSKIES and this song makes me want to fall in love. I saw them at Melon Awards and everybody respects them! I am missing out on this legendary group. You got a new supporter!

sarah santua

Ilove this song

Mysterious Potato

Yesss <3

Wazzzup Homies

Same I new to sechskies


you still like them?


그거 정민 😇

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Ecila Gnit

Became a Sechskies fan recently it's such a pity that Jiyong and Sunghoon are no longer a member their vocals are great :(

Rara chan

@Jo-Jo ZaiDi Sunghoon is exposed of saying "Idols these days are ugly" well he already destroy his career.


@Jo-Jo ZaiDi this comment is a old 😅 but there is a show that Jiyong is on it’s called “The return of Superman” I think, it’s him and his son but sadly I think they’re not in the show anymore ☹️☹️

Mysterious Potato

Sunghoon was my bias :')

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