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Pain inside
Secret Soldier Lyrics

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Adema Realize that I've lost control, impulses keep flashing throu…
Obituary Sikik okan sikik okan Nerdesin burdayım Kimi siktin yine kim…
RemoveBeforeFlight Late at night I lay and wonder What else we could…
U-God (feat. Black Ice, Letha Face) [Intro: U-God] Let me bug …
Adema Realize that I've lost control, impulses keep flashing throu…

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Comments from YouTube:

Shay Jenkins

I think this whole year was an experiment

Alex Pimienta

Damn Skippy, they are getting us prepared for the end cattle led to the slaughter house..


it is man it is sadly we're close to the end



Jazmine Byrd

It was

skindian6669 u2

Experiment/live testing of active experiments

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Oh man, I could have used some of that Modafinil back in college days.

G. Usala

@Nobody Famous same. I dont have a sleep disorder but I have fatigue and sleep issues due to chronic illnesses. Modafinil is the best.

Valerie Rodger

@DailyDumps nope, not even the same class of drugs. Adderall is a central nervous system stimulant. Modafinil is a eugeroic (wakefulness-promoting agent), not a stimulant.

Nobody Famous

Nowhere near the same thing. I take Modafinil daily for sleep disorders and it does not geek you out like adderall. Not to mention I also have no trouble sleeping while on it.

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