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Senbeï Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Senbeï:

Music Died Today Day The music Day The music Died N O N. senbeï, no doubt Y…
Naoned Qu'est-ce que c'est que cette chose-là? Ce n'est pas une cho…
Rain It's gonna rain It's gonna rain It's gonna rain It's gonna r…

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Comments from YouTube:


Damn, je découvre seulement ce son ! Un chef d'oeuvre :o ! Merci !!
Existe il une version vinyle ?


Probablement puisque il existe une version vinyle de son dernier album! Le plus simple serait d'aller voir sur le site officiel je pense :D!

Martinez Chris

This song is an absolute masterpiece. Period.


Ce son est incroyable
Grosse vibe 🤙🏼


Perfect music for extreme sports video like sky diving or downhill riding, these slow motion in my mind I can see. Every one can be a director of your own clip with this kind of music. Still come back to this track, it's so underrated. Hope it change!


@Anthract Exactly! Could be a new GoPro announcement's soundtrack.


Someone submit this song to GoPro and make the most epic edit please 🙏


Ta musique est ouf ! J en veux plus des sons comme sa ! Dans la lignée de tipper et triftworks ! J espère que tu parviendra à avoir plus de vue car tu le mérite ! En attendant je fais tourner sa bien comme il faut

Jesse Moonglow

I've always thought that there was something deeply spiritual about this song, then come to find out it's sampling one of the best blues musicians out there, Robert Johnson, and it makes sense

Kryciss John Quincy Grizzly Sam Adams

wow. 2010? god damn. how am I only discovering this now. better late than never. new fan forever

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