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Can't Be Saved
Senses Fail Lyrics

Follow your bliss
If it's on my chest
I know I got it tattooed for a reason
Why can't I just hold it true
Cause I'm still crashing
All the funerals
Of these people that I never knew

I'm stuck in a coma
Stuck in a never ending sleep
Someday I will wake up
And realize I made up everything

I shut the door and
Turned all the lights out
And listened to all the songs that the night shouts
They go something just like this
So, go fill up the glass with tonic rocks and gin
And drink yourself to happiness

I'm stuck in a coma
Stuck in a never ending sleep.
Someday I will wake up
And realize I made up everything.

We cannot hang ourselves
From gold chandeliers
And drink it back to all,
All the pain it feels
Loose lips and sunken ship
To a shallow grave
Washed up upon the rocks

I won't be saved
I won't be saved

I'm stuck in a coma
Stuck in a never ending sleep
Someday I will wake up
And realize I gave up everything

I won't be saved
(So follow your bliss, if it's on my chest)
I won't be saved
(I know I got it tattooed for a reason)
I won't be saved
(I shut the door and turned all the lights out)
I won't be saved
(I listen to all the songs that the night shouts)

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find someone who makes you smile
who listens when you speak
who likes you for you

tell someone that you like making them smile
that you listen to their every word
that you like them for them

know someone exists for you and
know you exist for someone

Morose 14

>be me
>faintly remember a song, maybe from guitar hero but not sure
>search “iiiiiiim stuck in the miiiddle”
>find nothing, but keep looking through songs for an eternity
>give up
>go to emo playlist on Spotify to cool down
> first song plays
>slap forehead

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Bryan England

What a solid song still listening in 2022 I'm in my 30s lol still jamming 🤘🤘🤘

Coldbreeze productions

same 29 almost 30


Here’s to the 2000s.. we’re all in our late 20s and 30s now.. some married some not, some with kids some without. This is what music was.. shit kept us going. Nostalgic as hell. Pass it down to your kids 🤘🏼 keep it alive

owws di nga tlaga?

❤️ Yes

Adan Rios

I’m only 15 in love with this 2000s music

Kevin Jančar

I felt that comment :) it’s not a phase.. ;) all the best ✌️✌️


Hey, I hope everyone here is doing okay these days. Be safe and know that people care about you, even if it may not feel like it at times. If you are feeling troubled, maybe professional help is the answer, or talking to a trusted friend about what you are going through. Wish you all the best.

Stanley Opar

Evelyn's got some great taste in music


@DownX2Derby ツ Dx2D I know this girl who has a brother and their surname is bates so he really is master bates until he gets married lmao

DownX2Derby ツ Dx2D

@Master Bates we gone talk about your name?

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