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Dance of the Knights
Sergei Prokofiev Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Sergei Prokofiev:

Peter and the Wolf One morning, a young boy named Peter opened his gate and…

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David Kolb

Magnificent. Heartbreaking.

Comments from YouTube:


Hi everyone!
I hope you're enjoying the music! I started a piano YouTube channel using visualizers. I would really appreciate it if you take a minute to check it out.


Patrick Mullane

Prokofiev 🤗🥰😁

My Ipad

Actually Prokofiev died in 5 march 1953 5 days before comrade stalin 😱

Vladimir Lenin

Lenin too!!!

Rafael Mandac

ohhh also them mongols, swedes and the french too.



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When you invade Russia only to realize that Russia is invading you.


@Felipe I highly doubt it. The Nazis were running out of fuel, that's why they had to push into Russia. In fact, the initial targets were oil fields but Hitler wanted to make a statement by taking Stalingrad.

It's more amazing that the Nazis were able to take so much on the offensive using predominantly horse-power than anything. The Nazi warmachine's invincibility was largely a myth created by what were really incredibly lucky offensive victories. Eventually the Brits, Western European resistance factions & the US would have been able to push the Nazis back even without the USSR-- it just would have costed a ton more US/West European lives than it did.

Only way I can see the Nazis holding their 1942 size would be if: 1) The Americans never joined the war, and 2) The USSR became military allies with the Nazis rather than just having a tentative non-aggression pact.


Imagine if Hitler hadn't invaded the USSR. Maybe both could take over Europe

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