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Dance of the Knights
Sergei Prokofiev Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Sergei Prokofiev:

Peter and the Wolf One morning, a young boy named Peter opened his gate and…

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David Kolb

Magnificent. Heartbreaking.

Comments from YouTube:

Joe Barishev

this is basically the heavy-metal of classical music


Listen to anything shastakovich makes


Honestly the most metal "classical" music I know is this version of BWV 1052:


Basically? Metalheads LOVE this piece, and use it in their music! See: (the outo/ending)

stacey 11:11rh222

This is what metal comes from.

Jon Derick Mutia

Yeah it sounds deep because they use E Minor And B E Tone

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The man conducting this must feel like the most powerful man in the universe.

Apache Accountant

But still just a man. Oda to Joy is god like

Omega San


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