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Symphony Nr.2
Sergei Rachmaninoff Lyrics

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Robert Jason

A surprisingly Classical view of this classic symphony, what I might call (not disparagingly) Rachmaninoff via Brahms.
Tempi never out of control, yet with no lack of emotion, the entire ensemble wrapped in a "Brahmsian" warmth, such as the burnished tone from this orchestra. Of note is the sonority of the lower brass, which is exactly what would have pleased the composer. The marvelous musicianship from the entire brass section, woodwinds, high and low strings, and percussion is no less sensational.

Every section, every player of this orchestra was in total synch with this conductors vision. The ends of phrases dynamically tapered, the sometimes unheard counter melodies HEARD, the aching at the apex of the crescendos, ALL done with one purpose: to create an entity that allows the Master's melodies, harmonies and rhythmic power to just BE, without the added crudeness of unwanted and unwritten accelerandos heard in some other interpretations.

To be clear, this isn't Previn, IMO the greatest of this symphony's interpreters, but it IS, in it's own way, a unique and wonderful example of a conductor's vision realized. His is a vision of REFINED romanticism, gorgeous orchestral balance, urgency when NEEDED, the tender phrases extended as if to never end, and all this in service to the composer. I found this performance most enjoyable and worth many revisits.

I must not forget to credit the engineers for round, warm sound that never loses focus.
Beautiful. My thanks to those who posted this heartfelt performance.

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Part of Rachmaninoff's Symphony no.2 was used in the movie Birdman, check it out in our classical music in the movies compilation video:

Masterchief the Conqueror

@Paul Beard they adapt the artistic intent and make something new to it. Sometimes it's the only way to express the emotions they want to convey (E.X. using Adagio in G by alboni in Gallipoli, no composer could write something to that effect)

Mx Wmnn

@Paul Beard Movies introduce a ton of people to classical music. Including me. It acts as a gateway to the complex structure of those pieces. The artistic intent of the composer is often recontextualized in movies, yes, but where's the problem when both art forms benefit from that?

János Fehér

@Paul Beard
(howard shore)

(LotR trilogy)


michael conlan

The film uses (exploits) several great works, including Mahler’s Ninth, to simulate profundity.

Paul Beard

Movies are a poor format for classical music in my opinion .They only take an exerpt from a piece and our attention is on the movie's story and the visual element .The pure artistic intent of the composer is no longer in tact .

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This beauty has become my bedtime anthem, it seems.

Leila Lan

you sleep in this music??? big question mark

Rron Delos Santos

Heh u cry urself to sleep?

Elsine Sijsma

kylelandry nh

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