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I Specialize in Love
Sharon Brown Lyrics

Ken Laszlo
When I Fall In Love
When the night is falling
And you want a place to go
I'll be waiting for you baby
But you don't knock at my door

Baby let me tell you
You're my man from making love
Every minute and every hour
Always deep inside my soul
Feeling the love

When I fall in love
I can give my heart
Getting close to you
And all the world have seen so fine
When I fall in love
I can dream of you
If you really wonder
Get the best of you

When the night is falling
I will give our love a light
Every minute every hour
Everyday for you and I

Now I have to tell you
That you broke my heart into
But you're gonna stay inside me
I'll be never feeling blue
Feeling the love


Writer(s): Richard C. Scher, Lotti Golden

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Comments from YouTube:

Bobby Mc

I think we all wish those days were back again. It's hard getting older. Peace and love to you all.

LaKeisha Robinson



Egualmente Mi Hermano!! :)

LaKeisha Robinson

Most definitely! 😎😎

Mita Torres

I too wish those days were here. Those were the good years. 70's & 80's were the best


@Zenon Antruzinon Amen, and amen. #facts

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Stephen Hardy

OMG I remember walking down 42ed st NYC in 1982 past a strip club blasting " I Specialize In Love ". 42 ed street was sleazy , dirty, fun and full of energy and life… My partner and I were 21 and 23 years old and had just moved to NYC from London and found 42ed street a playground of entertainment!!! The danger, energy and excitement that flooded the Times Square area back in the 80's is completely lost today with the overflow of tourist and sanitized Walt Disney atmosphere that is now Times Square : (.

Kathy Negron

Can I Get A Witness. Nothing Like The Old Square, The Duce Was Alive Back Then... Miss It.πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘βœŒπŸ’–


Girls,girls,girls...loose joints...fake id's!!!

Mako 48

True!....So many XXX spots they had there back in the day.....and always crowded. I miss it too..

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